Meetings & Events Promotion - Under $500,000
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Meetings & Events Promotion - Under $500,000


Visit Rockwall

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Description: Let’s Meet in Rockwall
Overview: The refreshed Meeting Planner Guide was introduced as a strategic tool to help re-familiarize meeting planners with Rockwall’s unique amenities. This updated guide not only provided essential information about meeting facilities but also highlighted additional distinctive community features, effectively organizing and displaying the various options and amenities available in Rockwall.

Content and Features: The Meeting Planner Guide included the following key components:
• Reasons to Choose Rockwall: A compelling list of why Rockwall stands out as a prime location for meetings.
• Meeting and Event Planning Services: Comprehensive information on planning services available to meeting planners.
• Visit Rockwall Complimentary Services: An outline of the free services provided to enhance the planning experience.
• Detailed Venue Specifications: In-depth details of each venue, including capacities, amenities, and unique features.
• Post-Meeting Activities: A curated list of events and activities that attendees can enjoy after their meetings.
Availability: The guide was made accessible in two primary formats:
• Printed Copies: Distributed at trade shows and events.
• Online Download: Available on the Visit Rockwall website for easy access and download.
Stand-Alone Venue Pages: To increase the utility of the online guide, each venue’s page was designed to serve as a standalone profile handout. This allowed meeting planners to print or share specific venue information as needed.
Marketing the Campaign: The marketing efforts for the new Meeting Planner Guide were multifaceted:
• Trade Shows and Events: The guide was prominently presented at various industry events, including the Southwest Showcase, Small & Boutique Meetings, and Destination Southwest.
• Direct Inquiries: The guide was also provided to planners who directly inquired about meeting spaces.
• Promotional Platforms: The campaign was further promoted through targeted "
Objectives: To position Rockwall as a premier destination for meetings and associations, leveraging its unique amenities, diverse venues, and community features to attract meeting planners and association events. By implementing this comprehensive meetings marketing plan, Rockwall can effectively position itself as a top choice for meeting planners and associations, driving increased bookings and showcasing the community’s unique appeal.

Project Costs: $10,000

In-house or Agency: In-house

2024 - Meetings & Events Promotion - Under $500,000

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