Community/Local Engagement Promotion - $501,000 - $1 Million
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Community/Local Engagement Promotion - $501,000 - $1 Million


Discover Victoria, Texas

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Description: The Victoria Convention & Visitors Bureau spearheaded the City's planning efforts for our 2024 Bicentennial celebration, which took place on Saturday, April 13. This effort required over 18 months of planning, coordinating with multiple City departments and non-profit partners. The planning efforts culminated in a fantastic day of three separate events - the Victoria Day of Caring service project, the De Leon statue unveiling and dedication of the newly renovated plaza, and a large social function, the Bicentennial Ball.

Objectives: Several years ago, the City of Victoria leadership recognized the importance of a properly planned, professional, and memorable Bicentennial celebration. As luck would have it, the official 200th anniversary of Victoria's founding (April 13) was a Saturday, offering us a tremendous opportunity to organize events that would be remembered for years to come. Our objectives were to honor Victoria's rich history and our founders, Martin de Leon and Patricia de la Garza, bring the community out for a day to celebrate Victoria, and to promote Victoria as a great place to live with a fantastic quality of life. We accomplished those objectives and more, with the completion and dedication of a bronze statue to our founders, a dedication of the newly renovated De Leon Plaza (a project costing over $6 million), and the community event bringing out over 1,000 attendees and the Bicentennial Ball which met its capacity weeks before the event. The entire series of Bicentennial events and celebrations far surpassed all expectations we had!

Project Costs:
Victoria Day of Caring Cost: $5,500
De Leon Dedication & Home of the Six Flags Market Cost: $18,500
Bicentennial Ball Cost: $115,000
Cost for Martin de Leon and Patricia de la Garza statue project: $330,000
$15,000 spent in local advertising

In-house or Agency: In-house

Visit Tyler

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Description: Visit Tyler had very limited video prior to 2023, aside from standard videos sitting on their YouTube channel. We are home to three higher education institutions and work closely with both the Chamber President and the Tyler Economic Development Council President/CEO on ideas to help the student demographic learn about what there is to see and do. Through surveys and focus groups, we found the 18-30-year-olds in Tyler didn't know what there was to see and do, and Visit Tyler served as the best conduit to educate them.
We decided to create reels with our Vice President of Marketing and Communications Sheridan Smith. Sheridan Explores Tyler was born, and she created reels as she visited various attractions, trails, and restaurants around the city. The reels have shown to be extremely popular for us with a 60% increase in views year over year. We have also had request from the higher education institutions to explore how we can better work with them on further getting information out to the students, including having our materials included in their student magazines. We’ve also seen a slight decrease in the average age of our viewers, which we believe stems from our efforts in our outreach to this younger demographic.

1. Create reels to attract the 18-30 demographic in Tyler so that they can learn what there is to see and do in our city.
2. Visit both known and lesser-known attractions with a positive video highlighting these locations.
3. Encourage audience to visit these locations and check them out for themselves.

Project Costs: Staff time

In-house or Agency: In-house

Brownsville Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Description: The main goal is to celebrate the spirit of community and friendly competition while honoring the cultural heritage of the Charro Days festivities. This exciting match aims to bring together soccer fans from both sides of the border, fostering camaraderie and mutual appreciation between Brownsville and Matamoros.

Objectives: By showcasing local talent and promoting sportsmanship, the event not only enhances the festive atmosphere of Charro Days but also strengthens cross-border connections and community pride, and generates heads in beds.

Project Costs: $25,000

In-house or Agency: In-house

Visit Huntsville, TX

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Description: Visit Huntsville, TX partnered with the Houston Texans to unveil their redesigned Color Rush, H-Town inspired jersey. After a month of planning, the 200-lb jersey was designed and outfitted on Huntsville's Sam Houston Statue for a period of 15 days. Texans fans were welcomed with an abundance of Houston Texans decor that had them feeling tailgate-ready. Visit Huntsville, TX staff worked to prepare the Visitor Center and grounds for an abundant increase of traffic through beautification efforts, hospitality spaces, and promotional opportunities.

Objectives: This promotion was a partnership between the Houston Texans and Visit Huntsville, TX, and both organizations had distinct goals and objectives. While the Houston Texans were excited to make a BIG statement, Huntsville was eager to reach a national audience. Garnering media attention from outlets like ESPN, NFL Network, ABC13, and many more, the Sam Houston Statue and Visit Huntsville TX were put on a national spotlight. Online videos reaching views of 589k (ABC 13), 178k (Houston Texans), and 48k (Toro, Official Texans Mascot) Big Sam and his new accessory were the hottest tourist attraction in the greater Houston area. Direct visitor counts at the Sam Houston Statue & Visitor Center were up 92% compared to the same days in 2023 and gift shop sales were up 75%, even as Houston and surrounding areas saw unprecedented amounts of rainfall and flooding. This promotion was not only a successful way for the Houston Texans to unveil their new jersey, but it proved to be a significant marketing tool for Visit Huntsville, TX to promote the Sam Houston Statue as a prominent tourist attraction in the state. The local community embraced the creativity and saw this promotion as an opportunity to connect Sam Houston's legacy to current interests. This promotion made a public space a dynamic tourist attraction and enabled visitors and the local community to engage with and reflect on history in a new and meaningful way.

Project Costs: The Houston Texans were responsible for the cost of the design, creation, and install of the jersey. Visit Huntsville, TX spent $5,425 on beautification efforts, hospitality spaces, and promotional opportunities.

In-house or Agency: In-house

Visit Nacogdoches

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Description: For National Travel and Tourism Week, Visit Nacogdoches celebrated by creating the Nacogdoches Historic Scavenger Hunt. Our aim was to ignite a sense of exploration among Nacogdoches residents, encouraging them to discover their city's rich history by visiting historic landmarks like the Charles Bright Visitor Center, the Old University Building, the historic Zion Hill Baptist Church, and the Fredonia Hotel.
Throughout NTTW, Visit Nacogdoches posted daily clues on their Facebook page, guiding participants to these historic gems where navy envelopes containing prize certificates awaited discovery. Visit Nacogdoches collaborated with local establishments to help supply the prizes, including the grand reward of a complimentary one-night stay at the Fredonia Hotel, generously provided by the establishment.

Objectives: "The featured historic stops on our hunt are a small piece of what Nacogdoches has to offer, and Visit Nacogdoches hopes it will inspire visitors to delve deeper into our town's treasures and encourage locals to take pride in our tourist attractions and appreciate the value of tourism.
The campaign resulted in a 38.5% increase in impressions, a 64.5% increase in audience, and a 231.5% increase in engagements. "

Project Costs: $500

In-house or Agency: In-house

Visit Mesquite

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Description: In April 2024, Mesquite, Texas, found itself at the heart of the 2024 total eclipse. Recognizing the unique opportunity this presented, Visit Mesquite launched an ambitious campaign, called the Solar Rodeo, to position Mesquite as the premier destination for eclipse viewers and to bolster the city's brand identity as the Rodeo Capital of Texas.

The Solar Rodeo campaign was a collaborative effort involving local stakeholders, businesses, organizations, and attractions. The central strategy revolved around curating one uniform, branded event by working with our partners to each host an individual event. Each partner's contribution was orchestrated and marketed by Visit Mesquite to ensure a cohesive experience for all attendees.

Objectives: Increase Community Engagement, Generate Brand Awareness, Improve Community Partner Relations

Project Costs: $40,000

In-house or Agency: In-house

Port Arthur Convention & Visitors Bureau

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Description: Port Arthur is the official Cajun Capital of Texas. Several city agencies joined in this campaign and legislators signed off. Cajuns settled in the area from 1927, bringing music, culture and gumbo! Our community became a part of this campaign by recalling memories and making new history. Allie Gator, Port Arthur CVB mascot, has been busy at parades and festivals. Sept. 21,2023 was our big musical fais do do for the public to celebrate with us.

Objectives: Port Arthur has its own Cajun pronunciation, "Port-ARE-Ture." We have many cultures who all like to dance to Cajun/Zydeco sounds and enjoy a good crawfish boil. The Cajun Capital of Texas project gave a welcome uniting boost to the community, including many residents who reacted, "We knew we were, and now it is official!" We've long had a Cajun Heritage Festival, have a decades-long association to Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas and have a trail of Cajun history. We enjoyed media coverage and an opportunity for further collaboration with partners. Web blog topics include speaking like a Cajun, Pro tips for crawfish eating, Sabine Pass history and foodie links.

Project Costs: While there is no charge for the governmental process, PACVB spent an estimated $6,000 on travel to Austin, a Sept. 21 community launch party with music and food at Museum of the Gulf Coast, printed materials, etc.

In-house or Agency: In-house

Baytown Tourism

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Description: During the spring of 2024, the City of Baytown Tourism Team launched a local awareness and engagement campaign to educate the community and local stakeholders on the value of tourism to the Baytown community. This initiative, aligned with National Travel and Tourism Week, included press releases, City Council recognition, a stakeholder luncheon, a Texas Friendly Hospitality workshop, and the launch of the Visit Baytown Community Advocacy Guide and companion YouTube video campaign. These efforts aimed to help community stakeholders understand the importance of tourism and support the industry by providing key messages and strategic imperatives. Through this campaign, the Baytown Tourism Team highlighted their dedication to fostering economic growth and community pride. The community and stakeholders appreciated the campaign, recognizing its positive impact and the tourism team's commitment to Baytown's development.

Objectives: Educate Community Stakeholders: Raise awareness about tourism's vital role in Baytown's economic and cultural development through the Visit Baytown Community Advocacy Guide, a 20-page pocket guide available online at

Enhance Local Engagement: Foster community involvement and pride in Baytown's tourism initiatives with a weeklong social media blitz and press releases. The tourism team shared facts, graphics, stories, and videos showcasing Baytown travel's economic impact and how local stakeholders can lead through ambassadorship and advocacy.

Promote Collaboration: Encourage partnerships among local businesses, hotels, attractions, and restaurants. During NTTW, the team hosted a Texas Friendly workshop for city-wide frontline hospitality personnel, covering topics like outstanding customer service and identifying customer needs.

Highlight Economic Impact: Demonstrate tourism's positive effects on the local and state economy through videos, social media campaigns, the Visit Baytown Community Advocacy Guide, speakers at the NTTW stakeholders’ luncheon, and a City Council Meeting.

Provide Resources: Distribute the Visit Baytown Community Advocacy Guide to inform and empower stakeholders with key messages and strategic imperatives.

Increase Visibility: The campaign video garnered 3,127 views, 87,000 impressions, and over 56 hours of watch time. The stakeholder luncheon had 78 attendees, including city officials, local business owners, event hosts, and Texas tourism industry staffers and volunteers. Twenty-two local hospitality employees received Texas Friendly certification during NTTW. Social media posts achieved 20,453 impressions and 1,410 engagements with non-paid promotions. The campaign was featured in the City of Baytown’s bi-weekly video series, the Baytown Breakdown, shared across all City social channels and YouTube, recognized at City Council, and featured in City press releases and website newsflashes.

Project Costs: Total Cost: $12,500Project costs include the National Travel & Tourism Week Stakeholder Luncheon, Texas Friendly Hospitality Training, and digital marketing campaign targeting Baytown and surrounding communities.

In-house or Agency: In-house

Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Visit Laredo’s National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) took place from May 19 to May 25, 2024, as we celebrated the significant contributions of the U.S. travel industry. This year’s theme, “Teal for Tourism,” symbolized the unity and vitality of the travel sector. Throughout the week, local coffee establishments offered exclusive promotions, encouraging residents and visitors to participate in the festivities.
Digital Marketing Channels:
• Website: Information about the events and promotions is available on, providing an accessible platform for residents and visitors.
• Digital Ads: Targeted ads on social media and local websites promote the week-long events and special offers.
• Email Marketing: Newsletters have been sent to subscribers, highlighting daily events and exclusive promotions from participating coffee shops.
• Social Media: Engaging content, including photos and videos of the events, special promotions, and highlights of local coffee shops, was shared across social media platforms to generate excitement and participation.
Campaign Results:
• Impressions: The campaign achieved significant online visibility, with thousands of impressions across digital ads, social media posts, and email newsletters.
• Results and Pick-Up: The special promotions at local coffee shops drove a high pick-up rate, driving foot traffic and sales.
• Resident Sentiment: Positive feedback from the community was received, with residents showing enthusiasm for the week-long celebration and appreciation for the focus on local businesses.
• Social Media Engagement: High levels of engagement on social media platforms, including likes, shares, and comments, indicated strong interest and participation from the community.
Participating Coffee Shops and Promotions:
• Aroma de Café: Buy one get one 50% off all week.
• Moon Lane Coffee: Like and follow on Instagram/Facebook for 15% off the first Frappe order for new customers all week.

Objectives: The National Travel and Tourism Week campaign successfully engaged the local community, supported small businesses, and highlighted the vital role of the travel industry in Laredo. By utilizing a variety of digital marketing channels, the campaign effectively reached and resonated with both residents and visitors.

The campaign aims to achieve two main objectives:

• Single, Unified Theme: The campaign is centered around the theme #TealForTourism, celebrating National Travel and Tourism Week and highlighting the importance of the travel industry.

• Community Engagement: The campaign supports the local community by promoting local coffee shops, encouraging residents to wear teal
attire, and participating in the events. This fosters a sense of community pride and involvement.

Project Costs: We only pay for the T-Shirts and the promo materials for our partners around $1,500 USD.

2024 - Community/Local Engagement Campaign - $500,000-$1 Million

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