Leisure/Tourism Marketing Campaign - Under $500,000
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Leisure/Tourism Marketing Campaign - Under $500,000


City of Temple

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  • Temple, Texas, is a hidden gem located in Central Texas, nestled between major destinations like Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Antonio. What started as a request from our City Manager became an integral part of our approach to targeting new visitors. As a destination marketing organization, our goal was to make Temple a must-visit destination for both day trips and overnight stays. Through partnering with our local Amtrak representative in the Temple, Texas, station we were able to promote train travel and encourage visitors to board a train and explore the beautiful sights in and around Temple.

Temple, Texas, is a stop along the route to destinations such as Austin, San Antonio, and McGregor, making it the perfect place to break up a long journey and enjoy a day in a new destination. By promoting train travel to Temple, we’re offering visitors a unique experience and an opportunity to see the best of Central Texas.


The approach enabled us to explore a broader reach for our target audience, track where our incoming visitors are coming from, and increase awareness of the opportunity of train travel available in Temple, Texas. Visitors can scan the QR codes on the posters to access curated itineraries for things to do, up-to-date train schedules, and authentic experiences from fellow travelers to Temple, Texas. By analyzing and tracking the origin of our visitors, we gained insights into their preferences, which allowed us to tailor our content and create more personalized experiences for those visitors. Our All Aboard Campaign successfully generated interest in train travel, increased awareness about the opportunities presented to visitors and locals, and enabled us to establish ourselves as a reliable and credible destination in the train travel market through our outreach and activations.

Project Costs: The All Aboard Campaign generated interest in train travel and raised awareness about the opportunities presented to visitors and locals despite starting with limited direction and resources. As a result, Temple has established itself as a credible and reliable destination in the train travel market. The destination team's targeted ads and posters, with an overall spend of less than $700, captured the attention of the new market segment and provided visitors with experiences tailored to their interests and needs. The Temple, Texas destination, offers a unique opportunity to visitors as it is easily accessible through several major cities within the Amtrak network.

In-house or Agency: In-house

Visit Early

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Description: Early, Texas is located in the heart of Brown County. "Beyond Early" was developed as a community partnership with each of the three communities in the County to highlight their tourist attractions and tell their story. Visit Early has added a page to our website with a tab “Beyond Early”, each community has their own page within our website that tells the history of each community along with listings & links to restaurants, retail stores, hunting ranches, historical markers and annual events. We also promote each communities’ annual events on our social media channels and add their community’s annual event to our event calendars.

• Build Partnerships: Blanket, May, and Zephyr are three small communities in Brown County, less than 15 miles from Early with no hotels. Each of these three communities has at least one annual event and a tourist attraction, but no department/organization dedicated to promoting or storytelling for their community and no hotel accommodations. This tourism marketing campaign collaborates with businesses in the whole county to amplify the campaign’s reach and impact through cross-promotion and shared resources.
• Increase Visitor Numbers: Attract more tourists to the county by showcasing its diverse attractions, events, and activities within the area.
• Promote Hidden Gems: Highlight lesser-known attractions and activities within the county to distribute tourist traffic.
• Boost Local Economy: Drive economic growth by encouraging visitors to spend money on local accommodations, dining, shopping, and recreational activities.
• Enhance County’s Image: Position the county as a premier travel destination by highlighting its unique features, local places to eat and shop at, and recreational opportunities.
• Encourage Longer Stays: Provide information on a wide range of activities and places to visit to encourage tourists to extend their visits, thereby increasing their economic contribution.
• Foster Community Pride: Instill a sense of pride among residents by celebrating the county’s attractions and successes, motivating them to become ambassadors for local tourism.
• Promote Seasonal Tourism: Highlight seasonal activities and events in the County to attract visitors year-round balancing tourism flow.
• Leverage Digital Platforms: Utilize social media platforms, website, and digital advertising to reach a wider audience and engage potential visitors with interactive content and real-time updates.
• Track and Measure Impact: Monitor the effectiveness of the campaign, gather feedback, and make data-driven adjustments to improve future efforts.

Project Costs: Staff Time

In-house or Agency: In-house

Corsicana Visitors Bureau

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Description: The Corsicana Visitors Bureau orchestrated a three-year campaign positioning the city as a premier viewing destination for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. Leveraging strategic planning and resources, the campaign engaged locals and visitors, collaborating closely with Emergency Management and First Responders. Utilizing digital and print ads, email marketing, billboards, press releases, and social media, the campaign achieved 28,000 impressions on the website in the year leading up to the eclipse, with Google driving a notable 18.8% Click-Through Rate (CTR). Social media alone reached 455,400 people in the six months preceding the event, culminating in a 100% hotel occupancy rate and affirming Corsicana's readiness for this momentous occasion.

1. Attracting a niche travel audience to Corsicana as a viewing location for the Total Solar Eclipse.
2. Making Corsicana a safe and enjoyable experience for locals and visitors.

Project Costs: $50,000

In-house or Agency: Agency

Visit Rockwall

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Description: To leverage Rockwall's designation as the “Free Live Music Capital of North Texas” by promoting local music venues, events, and musicians. This plan aims to increase awareness, attendance, and engagement with Rockwall’s vibrant music scene, culminating in the completion of the Music Friendly Designation by the end of 2024.

Highlighting Music Events and Venues
A. Music Series and Festivals:
• Concert on the Lake Music Series:
    • Promote the series as a signature summer event, featuring weekly performances by local and regional artists.
    • Highlight the scenic backdrop of Lake Ray Hubbard to attract both locals and tourists.
• San Jacinto Music Series:
    • Emphasize the diversity of musical genres and family-friendly atmosphere.
    • Create a calendar of performances and promote through various channels.
• Founder’s Day Festival:
    • Showcase the festival as a celebration of Rockwall’s history and culture, with live music as a central attraction.
    • Feature headliners and highlight community participation.
By implementing this comprehensive marketing plan, Visit Rockwall can effectively promote its live music scene, drive community engagement, and support local musicians and businesses. Completing the Music Friendly Designation by the end of 2024 will further enhance Rockwall’s reputation as a vibrant music destination, attracting visitors and fostering economic growth.

Objectives: By implementing this multifaceted promotional campaign, Rockwall can effectively showcase its vibrant live music scene, engaging both local residents and music lovers from neighboring areas. The combination of event-based marketing, digital and traditional media, community involvement, and regional exposure will ensure Rockwall’s position as the “Free Live Music Capital of North Texas” is widely recognized and celebrated.

Project Costs: Varied Advertising Prices

In-house or Agency: In-house

Town of Addison

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Description: "Total Eclipse of the Park" in Addison, Texas, brought national and international travelers together to witness a rare total solar eclipse. As Texas prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, Addison proudly emerged as a premier viewing spot. Held in Addison Circle Park, more than 4,000 attendees brought their yoga mats, lawn chairs, and blankets to stake out their spots for music, food, and a true Texan good time. The event sold out all 22 of Addison's hotels, providing travelers far and wide a chance to discover everything our amazing community has to offer.

Objectives: Tourism Promotion: Attract visitors from outside the area to boost local tourism, resulting in increased revenue for local businesses and hotels. Branding Awareness: Elevate Addison's reputation as a vibrant and engaging community capable of hosting large, memorable events.
Economic Impact: Generate economic benefits for local businesses, especially hotels, restaurants, and by drawing in a large number of visitors.

Project Costs: $14,360.98

In-house or Agency: In-house

City of Dripping Springs

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Description: "In anticipation of the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 — in which Dripping Springs would be in the totality for 3 minutes — we launched a city-wide comprehensive initiative to ensure the event was safely enjoyed and maximally beneficial for all residents, businesses and visitors.

We did not want to just “prepare” for the eclipse. We wanted to make this a true chance to bring the city together in a fun way while also promoting our city to tourists and visitors. We wanted to plan for the eclipse in a way that would not only welcome visitors, but more importantly, bring residents and businesses together for a common purpose.

Because of the way we marketed the event, we got coverage all over the world of our little city.

• We created a city-wide Eclipse Task Force that met for two years.
• We made sure we had everything we needed well in advance, IE: portable toilets (Many cities waited until the last minute.)
• We ordered 30,000 glasses to ensure everyone could get a pair.
• We created a sun BLOCK Party, closing our main street to create a safe viewing place for visitors.

• We created a standalone website specifically for the eclipse: https://www.drippingeclipse.com. We had more than 32,000 views and 20,000 unique visitors from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines, Mexico, Italy and more.
• A monthly eclipse newsletter with1,500 subscribers.
• We were featured on podcasts and broadcast and print media.
• We created a larger-than-life pair of eclipse glasses. Press coverage of our glasses went viral and appeared over the United States, in the UK, Australia and more!

• We promoted hotels, Airbnb’s, and campgrounds.
• Online store selling items all over the country and even to the UK.
• Sponsorships.

Memorable Experience:
• Local musicians and music students.
• We created fun graphics to promote the eclipse in a unique and memorable way.
• Positive press all over the world because of our uniquely designed giant eclipse glasses display.
Just a few of testimonials we got from those outside our city:
“Just to let you know that our trip to Texas was amazing. Now home in the UK with our bumper stickers stuck on our own cars, I feel we must be the only Brits to have them.”
“We are from Illinois. After researching lots of places to watch the eclipse along the path, we made our reservation to stay in Dripping Springs. Best decision ever! We loved the excitement your town was generating. Thanks for all you did to make this an unforgettable experience!”
“Thank you for welcoming us out-of-towners so graciously. We are from Wisconsin. Thanks for making our trip a special one that we will remember for years to come.”

Project Costs: We knew that we would have expenses for the infrastructure of the event. But we offset those expenses as much as we could through sponsorships and selling of commemorative eclipse items.
• We generated $26,000+ in sponsorships from businesses and organizations.
• We had more than 1,800 orders sold online, from as far away as the UK. We sold more than $80,000 in eclipse items: glasses, shirts, posters, and more.
• We sold our downtown banners as collector’s items after the event, selling them for more than we paid for them.

In-house or Agency: In-house

Giddings Chamber & Visitors Center

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Description: Freedom Fest, the free music festival in Veterans Park, brings together bands, businesses, and community organizations to create an unforgettable experience for visitors from near and far. The event’s unique blend of local music talent, community spirit and small-town charm makes it an attractive draw for leisure tourists, shooting attendance numbers up by 200%. The addition of new attractions like the Splashpad, cornhole and pickleball creates an interactive experience to appeal to families and couples. By hosting the event in beautiful Veterans Park, we're showcasing the beauty and charm of our city's outdoor spaces, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Freedom Fest is a shining example of what makes rural Texas so special with community, entertainment, and hospitality. These characteristics have the potential to attract visitors from across the region and showcase Giddings as a top leisure tourism destination.

Objectives: Tourism Promotion: Attract visitors from outside the area to boost local tourism, resulting in increased revenue for local businesses and hotels. Branding Awareness: Elevate Addison's reputation as a vibrant and engaging community capable of hosting large, memorable events. Economic Impact: Generate economic benefits for local businesses, especially hotels, restaurants, and by drawing in a large number of visitors.

Project Costs: The Giddings Chamber pays $4800 to rent trash cans, portapotties, and to compensate the bands. $1000 is spent on advertising which includes Radio, Facebook & social media, newspaper (local and out of county) and magazines including Round Top and Show Daily.

In-house or Agency: In-house

2024 - Leisure/Tourism Marketing Campaign - Under $500,000

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