Leisure/Tourism Marketing Campaign - $250,000 - $500,000
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Leisure/Tourism Marketing Campaign - $250,000 - $500,000


Visit Grand Prairie

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The Make it Grand Campaign focused on seasonally advertising to our markets with branding that matched our new website. This campaign tailored digital ads, video, billboards, social media &SEO to our markets that fit the season they were currently planning for.

The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness of events, attractions, and things to do during each season which would lead to a growth in website impressions, brand awareness & visitors traveling and staying in Grand Prairie. With our Google display advertisements, we were able to exceed the industry benchmark of 0.47% with a 1.01% click thru rate. This alone yielded more than14 million impressions. We ran YouTube ads which led to 1.8 million impressions and a view rate of 57.97% which exceeds the industry benchmark of29.6%. Our Google search engine marketing was a huge success as well with more that 730K impressions and a click thru rate of 12.28% which exceeds the industry benchmark of 9.19%.Overall, the efforts of this campaign brought in a total of 77,181,127impressions. At this end of this campaign the average visitor stayed more than 2two days and made two trips in the past 10 months. Of these travelers, 76.1%spent the night in Grand Prairie. Comparing this to the previous fiscal year, the average traveler only spent 1.7days, made 2.3 trips and only 58% spent the night.

Project Costs: 425K

In-house or Agency: Agency

City of Temple

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Our digital publication, The Temple Ticket, allows visitors and locals alike to discover what we have to offer in an engaging and exciting way. This tourism marketing campaign has transformed the way visitors see Temple through its information about upcoming events, things to do, family fun, local attractions, and fascinating blogs, allowing us to expand how we engage with our target audience. By crafting these digital publications, we have solved an issue with our visitors’ engagement as they journey through our website and publications to planning their own unique visit to Temple, Texas. Through our digital publication, The Temple Ticket, we create one-of-a-kind experiences that allow our guests to see Temple in a new light.


Our goal with The Temple Ticket was to craft an enticing publication to provide visitors with afresh, new opportunity to experience Temple before they get here. For Discover Temple, we have the challenge of offering experiences to visitors that aren’t explicitly tied to one significant attraction or idea as many destinations offer. Temple doesn’t have a wide range of natural or man-made attractions; rather, Temple thrives through the unique offerings and experiences we can provide to incoming visitors. Our primary task in creating The Temple Ticket was to utilize user-generated content, in-house photography, blogs, guides, and local attractions to entice readers to experience Temple in a new light. The Discover Temple team established a goal to publish five digital magazine issues throughout the year. The issues include four seasonal publications and a special holiday-themed issue for the winter holiday season. Each issue was then crafted around content, guides, and unique experiences for the visiting season it was associated with. The Temple Ticket became an attractive and vital tool for reaching and engaging with new and incoming visitors of all ages, specifically those who enjoy the appeal of diverse digital content. By publishing The Temple Ticket, our destination marketing team had the creative freedom to establish new means of experiences related to digital maps, tours, dynamic photo trails, and user-generated content.

Project Costs:
The Temple Ticket initiative was developed and implemented utilizing the talents and creativity of our destination marketing team. We utilized resources at hand, like our photography library, written content, and access to our CrowdRiff platform, which allows us to integrate user-generated content. There are no other budget allocations or costs related to this program.


In-house or Agency: In-house

2023 - Leisure/Tourism Marketing Campaign - $250,000-$500,000

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