Leisure/Tourism Marketing Campaign - $501,000 - $1 Million
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Leisure/Tourism Marketing Campaign - $501,000 - $1 Million


Brownsville Convention and Visitors Bureau

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Description: The goal of the "Happening in BTX" Campaign is to highlight the diverse and vibrant array of activities, attractions, and events that Brownsville offers year-round. This campaign aims to engage both residents and tourists by showcasing the city's cultural festivals, outdoor adventures, historical landmarks, and local businesses.

Objectives: By promoting these unique experiences, "Happening in BTX" seeks to boost community pride and stimulate economic growth through increased tourism. Ultimately, the campaign aspires to position Brownsville as a dynamic and welcoming destination, rich in heritage and opportunities for enjoyment.

Project Costs: Between $75,000 - $100,000

In-house or Agency: In-house

Visit Boerne

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Description: This comprehensive campaign aimed to showcase Boerne, Texas, as the ultimate holiday destination to a general audience of travel minded individuals including families, couples, girl’s trips, etc. through strategic digital initiatives and influencer partnerships.

Objectives: To promote Boerne as a holiday destination, encouraging visitors to stay overnight and celebrate the season using a conservative budget and garnering as much word-of-mouth and complementary coverage as possible.

Project Costs: Total contracted advertising cost for Visit Boerne: $9,670

In-house or Agency: In-house

Visit Nacogdoches

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Description: Visit Nac hosted the Wine, Whiskey, Brew Tour during Nacogdoches' beautiful Azalea Season. Visitors were taken to Red House Winery, Front Porch Distillery, Naca Valley Vineyard and Fredonia Brewery to sample Nacogdoches' bountiful libation offerings and learn about the brewing and distilling methods. The tour had 35 attendees. On the route, we did karaoke, played trivia, and gave out prizes.

Objectives: To attract leisure travel, showcase Nacogdoches as a getaway destination, and bring business to our local attractions.

Project Costs: $1,000

In-house or Agency: In-house

Visit Mesquite

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Description: In April 2024, Mesquite found itself in the heart of the path of totality of the 2024 Total Eclipse. Recognizing the unique opportunity this presented, Visit Mesquite launched an ambitious campaign called the Solar Rodeo.

This campaign was a collaborative effort involving local stakeholders, businesses, organizations, and attractions. The central strategy revolved around curating one uniform, branded event by working with our partners to each host an individual event. Each partner's contribution was orchestrated and marketed by Visit Mesquite to ensure a cohesive experience for all attendees. Please see attached description for more campaign information.

Additionally, Visit Mesquite fused this event into long-standing Mesquite traditions such as Mesquite Rodeo Parade. This encouraged wide-spread participation and excitement among local residents.

Objectives: Increase Brand Awareness, Promote Local Events, Generate Leisure Tourism

Project Costs: $40,000

In-house or Agency: In-House

Visit Tyler

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Description: Visit Tyler was fortunate to work with a local graphic designer who created our Totality Tyler logo for us for free. We hosted several city-wide meetings, inviting travel and tourism related businesses to join us as we shared the education on the eclipse and encouraged them to come on board with us as we marketed a four-day weekend, which would end with the culmination of the eclipse on Monday. We created pages on social media, our website, and on national eclipse sites. We purchased branded items for our gift shop, including eclipse glasses, t-shirts, stickers, and posters to have on display early on, encouraging visitors and residents to be prepared for April 8, 2024. Many hotels were sold out. We registered visitors from more than 25 countries in our Visitor Center that week. Visitor Center sales quadrupled. We had 47K more visitors in our downtown than the previous year. Results were 157% increase on website sessions with a :37 second increase in session duration. 50+ businesses created themes around Totality Tyler.

1. Create a four-day event leading up to the total eclipse by branding the weekend and encouraging business participation to get visitors in their stores.
2. Increase sales in the visitor center store by offering one-of-a-kind branding with our Totality Tyler logo on it.
3. Highlight the importance of working together to create an experience for visitors when they are in the city.

Project Costs: $3,000 Store merchandise

In-house or Agency: In-House

2024 - Leisure/Tourism Marketing Campaign - $500,000-$1 Million

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