Website Design & Effectiveness - Under $250,000
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Website Design & Effectiveness - Under $250,000


Visit Garland

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In-house or Agency?: In-house

Description:: Why this worked:

The Sports Facility Guide provided succinct information not only regarding city-owned facilities but additional facilities in the community that can drive sporting events to our city. It organizes the expanse options and showcases the amenities available in our community.

How we marketed the campaign:

We wanted the sports facility guide to be available in both print and digital formats. The sports facility guide is located on our Visit Garland website and is available to download. The individual pages within the guide are designed to stand alone to serve as a profile handout for each facility. The sports video is housed on our You Tube Channel and will also be pushed out on Visit Garland social media channels. Both the sports facility guide and video will be utilized as marketing material to accompany our Visit Garland sales manager for upcoming sports trade shows.

Objectives: Outdoor sporting events continued to thrive amidst COVID-19 closures.The team decided to focus on the city's abundance of sports facilities and pitched the robust options to sports organizers. As the emphasis on sports tournaments ramped up it became obvious that an all-inclusive document and promotional video outlining the facilities and venues was sorely missing.We decided it was time to launch a sports marketing campaign.

Project Costs::

•$600 for printing the Sports Facility Guide - $10/each and printed 60 copies.

  • The guide was produced in-house in conjunction with the City of Garland Public & Media Relations Department
  • The sports video was produced in-house by the City of Garland Public & Media Relations Department
  • Visit Tyler

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    In-house or Agency?: Agency

    Description:: With the presence of COVID still a factor nationwide SPORTyler decided to host The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award ceremony virtually for the 2020 season.We produced a taped show that followed the pattern of our in-person banquet and created an award ceremony.The five finalists were spotlighted with video highlights and a Q & A with our emcee Brian Jones, CBS Sports.We were dealing with finalists who were in several different states and we were able to piece together an incredible show with Earl Campbell announcing the winner.As of this date the virtual show has reached 33,000 people and has 13,000 views.The feedback was so positive we will continue to include a virtual element to future events.

    Objectives: To honor our five finalists for The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award and announce the winner in spite of COVID.To bring awareness to the SPORTyler brand, The Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award, and the city of Tyler.To promote SPORTyler and the city of Tyler as a premiere sports destination.To make use of the virtual event to promote all our social media platforms and websites.

    Project Costs:: $26,000

    2021 - Local Awareness - Under $1,000,000

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