Public Relations - $501,000 - $1 Million
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Public Relations - $501,000 - $1 Million


Visit Baytown

Description: Deaf-Friendly Geo Tour
For NTTW 2022 we launched a series of videos for NTTW and began promotions thereafter. While geocaching is typically enjoyed by people of all abilities, Visit Baytown felt that it was important to consider inclusive practices and adaptations to ensure that individuals with different needs can fully participate--specifically the deaf and hard of hearing populations. With this goal in mind, we launched the deaf-friendly GeoTour program, traveling to deaf expos and deaf coffee chats to promote our program, translating 33 videos outlining how to geocache and information on each of our GeoTour caches,


• Implement inclusive practices and adaptations to remove barriers and make geocaching accessible to individuals with different needs.
• Promote the deaf-friendly GeoTour program by actively engaging with the deaf community.
• Enhance communication and accessibility by providing necessary resources in a deaf-friendly manner.

Project Costs: $5,232.46

In-house or Agency: In-house

Visit Garland

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Garland’s Make Your Mark Campaign

After completing a comprehensive research study in 2016 that reaffirmed the City’s poor image among people living in North Texas, Garland embarked on a multiyear marketing campaign to restore community pride among Garland residents and improve the regional perception of the city for y visitors, new residents, and businesses.

The campaign told Garland’s story of diversity, evolving business landscape, attractions, and emerging food scene. The campaign creative included print ads, billboards, and digital.

A new research study proved that the campaign had moved the needle and was still gaining momentum.


The city engaged a public relations and advertising firm to position and differentiate Garland from the competition and develop a campaign that reframes the conversation about Garland.

Brand Strategy Development Process

Fifteen positioning ideas were vetted among Council members, staff, and residents. Five were tested among nonresidents to gauge appeal. One idea was a clear winner and became the foundation of the image campaign: Make Your Mark.

Target Audiences

Residents, prospective residents, and visitors (adults 25 to 44)

Campaign Creative

A campaign icon was created for the campaign creative with a handcrafted feel making it approachable and providing a sense of nostalgia. Make Your Mark became a mantra with that handcrafted approach that demands a certain flaw to guarantee the human touch.

Advertising Tactics




Programmatic (Display, Video, Streaming Audio, Native) Sponsored Content Paid Social Search PPC

The New Brand in Action

As a result of the positive image campaign, a $423 million bond package became a key goal and was passed.

The bond package included wayfinding signs, visually appealing points of entry, a new animal shelter, more than 60 parks and recreation projects, which included the second-largest skate park in Texas, new recreation centers, aquatic facilities, and playground equipment.

Community pride expanded, increased, and was evident in city-produced events. City departments helped solidify the messaging as many adopted the Make Your Mark tagline.

Moving the Needle

Recent research showed that the external narrative around Garland is evolving and has "moved the needle" since 2016. Ratings of the City as a place to live and work have improved. The majority of Garland's news and social media coverage is neutral versus negative. Positive media coverage is focused on Garland's lifestyle, amenities, and economic conditions.

Project Costs: $450,000 annual marketing budget, $80,000 Research Budget

In-house or Agency: Agency

2023 - Public Relations - $501,000-$1 Million

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