Video, Storytelling and Podcast Series - $1 Million and Over
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Video, Storytelling and Podcast Series - $1 Million and Over


Destination Bryan


Just over ten years ago, Maribel Rodriguez left her home in Puebla, Mexico and set out to create a life for herself and her family. Bringing her Puebla culture with her, Maribel with her three children and their grandmother, settled in Bryan, Texas. Little did they know the tragedies, triumphs, and blessings the next few years would bring.

We told the story of how Maribel & her mother came to be the proud owners of Taqueria Poblana – named one of the state's definitive examples of tacos al pastor in Texas Monthly's "Tacopedia."

The interview was conducted completely in Spanish, with English subtitles overlayed.


85,000 views on Facebook

1,200 Facebook engagements

1,400 organic views on Youtube

68.8 watch hours

Avg. watch duration of 2:52

Tell an inspiring story of 2 women who overcame all odds & now run one of the best taquerias in Texas. This is an authentic look into the lives of 2 Bryan residents, in a way that supports a Bryan business & highlights a must-try restaurant for Bryan visitors.

Project Costs: $3,000.00 for video

In-house or Agency: Agency

Visit Galveston

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The collaboration between Visit Galveston and local podcaster "Galveston Unscripted" was established with the objective of producing captivating and informative content centered around diving into Galveston's deep history, with the aim of inspiring individuals to visit the island. This partnership entailed integrating a podcast audio player directly into and producing weekly episodes that strategically corresponded with special events, holidays, and national observances. By harnessing the wealth of historical heritage and diverse offerings found in Galveston, this initiative aimed to spotlight the city's distinctive legacy and appeal to visitors seeking to delve into its historical significance.

Create Engaging Content: The primary objective was to develop high-quality podcast episodes that captivated listeners and provided them with valuable insights into Galveston's history. The content aimed to be entertaining, informative, and relevant to the target audience.

Increase Website Traffic: By embedding the "Galveston Unscripted" website on, the project aimed to drive increased traffic to both platforms. The objective was to leverage the podcast's popularity to attract more visitors to the Visit Galveston website, encouraging them to explore other tourism offerings.

Promote Special Events and Holidays: The project strategically aligned content release dates with special events, holidays, and national days related to Galveston's history. By highlighting topics such as Mardi Gras, The Great Storm, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Juneteenth, the objective was to generate interest and increase awareness about Galveston's cultural significance.

Showcasing Galveston's Rich History: The project aimed to emphasize Galveston's rich history and diverse offerings. By featuring various aspects of the city's heritage, including significant historical events, landmarks, and cultural contributions, the objective was to position Galveston as a destination with a unique and compelling story to tell.

Attract Visitors Interested in History and Heritage: The partnership intended to target tourists who were specifically interested in history and heritage tourism. By providing engaging and educational content about Galveston's past, the project sought to attract visitors who were seeking a deeper understanding of the city's historical significance and its impact on the present-day experience.

Overall, the project is a success and leveraged the power of podcasting on to promote Galveston's history, diversity, and tourist attractions. Results from October 1, 2022 – June 27, 2023 – 12,292 Pageviews, 3:15 Average Time on Site.

Project Costs: $40,000.00

In-house or Agency: In-house

Port Aransas Tourism Bureau & Chamber ofCommerce

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Salty Stories shows potential visitors that Port Aransas has more to offer their upcoming beach vacation than just the sand and surf; there is a living and breathing community here that wants every visitor to fall in love with the island. This year’s videos included a sand sculptor’s involvement with the local school, a world-class fisherman’s return home to Port Aransas, the future of women in surfing, and more. The Salty Stories series uses a mixture of traditional interview videography, shots of interviewees in their day-to-day island life, relevant locations, and B-roll shots collected around the island—even some historic newsreels. The stories humanize the Port Aransas community and will encourage visitors to spend more time, attention, and money within the local community on their next visit.

The Salty Stories campaign elevates Port Aransas as the top—and most complete—destination on Texas’ coast, deepening its reputation as a thriving island community worth cherishing and exploring. These stories will help prime visitors to better receive the messaging. The overall goal of Salty Stories is simple: raise awareness of the destination’s variety of offerings while increasing resident sentiment.

Project Costs: The total cost for filming and production of all stories was $80,000, spread out over two fiscal years.

In-house or Agency: Agency

Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau

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The CVB has worked closely with City of Waco Marketing &Communications on a video storytelling series on small Waco businesses, called “We Are Waco.” These short videos tell the stories of Waco entrepreneurs who do so much to provide services to our visitors. Many of the videos feature women, Black and Hispanic business owners. The stories of local artists are also covered. A suggestion form allows people to recommend businesses be covered.

Highlight and praise the entrepreneurs and business owners who serve the visitor.

Project Costs:
We were not charged for the production of these videos because the Marketing &Communications department produced them in-house.

In-house or Agency: In-house
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